Better Water, Less Hassle

The FreshWater Salt System for your Hot Tub is an affordable and easy-to-use water care system that keeps spa water clean and clear for a full year.*

A disposable titanium cartridge creates chlorine from salt and gently releases it into the water keeping hot Tub clean and ready to use with less work. Reduced chemical use extends water life and helps it feel soft and natural, so you’ll spend more time enjoying your spa.

  • Natural-feeling water with less chemicals and no harsh odors
  • Save money and conserve water by reducing water changes in your Hot Tub
  • Save time maintaining your Hot Tub/Spa with automatic chlorine generation
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Fresh Water – Salt System FAQ

These Hot Tub systems have been around over 40 years. However, the FreshWater Salt System is unique and the first of its kind with an in-line and disposable design that is easily accessible from the top of the spa. Cartridges can be changed without having to drain the spa or call a service technician.

Like bottled chlorine, the chlorine generated by the FreshWater Salt System is sodium hypochlorite. However, bottled (dry) chlorine contains stabilizers like cyanuric acid. When stabilized chlorine is repeatedly added to spa water, the cyanuric acid can accumulate over time and cause the irritation to the skin and eyes typically associated with traditional chlorine water care. With the FreshWater Salt System there are no stabilizing acids added to the water – so your Hot Tub water is softer and more enjoyable.

The FreshWater Hot Tub Salt System cleans the water without creating chlorinated or brominated byproducts. It is these byproducts that ultimately lead to the strong chlorine or bromine smell often associated with traditional spa water care. So, it is less likely you will experience any strong chlorine odor when using the FreshWater Salt System.

The titanium cartridge is designed to last four months.
Cartridge life is dependent upon use and on the water being properly balanced and maintained.
Typically, the salt system cartridge should not require cleaning before it needs to be replaced. However, this is dependent upon spa usage and on the water being properly balanced and maintained. The cartridge can be cleaned if scaling is found on the electrodes with pH down or diluted vinegar.
The amount of salt added to the water is based on the spa size (5-10 cups depending on spa model). This is less than human tears and 10x less than sea water.
Unlike pool systems which require high levels of salt (5,000 ppm), the FreshWater Salt System operates with a minimal amount of salt (1,500-2,000 ppm), which is non-corrosive when the water is balanced to the specified parameters.
Table salt is not recommended for use with the FreshWater Salt System because it contains iodine and anticaking agents that will interfere with the systems operation and may cause staining of the spa shell.
No – the target salt level for spa water when using the FreshWater Salt System is 1,750 ppm – which is virtually undetectable by taste or smell. For comparison, the salt level of tap water is around 500 ppm, and sea water is around 35,000 ppm.
The FreshWater Salt System will continually generate chlorine from the salt added to the water at start-up. The hot tub owner only needs to add more salt when they drain and refill the hot tub, or after topping off the water from a significant splash out.
Keeping calcium hardness levels at the 50 ppm target will help reduce water lines and salt/scale formation. You may occasionally need to run a damp cloth around the bartop to keep it clean.
It is recommended to regularly hose down decks and nearby plants since salt can accumulate to levels that can damage and discolor decking as well as kill plants. When draining the spa, follow all local codes and guidelines.
Many factors impact the life of hot tub water, such as bather load and water chemistry. When these factors are accounted for and the spa is properly maintained, the FreshWater Salt System will keep water clean and clear for a full year.
Ozone should not be used with the salt system because it reduces the amount of chlorine in a hot tub. The FreshWater Salt System is designed to produce the proper amount of chlorine for the specified need. Using both systems together will cause the salt cartridge to work overtime to produce more chlorine than needed, and therefore may not last the full four months.