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There are many hot tubs and spas in the market today. However, the closer you look, the easier it is to narrow your choice. If you want to transform tension into rejuvenation every time you step into your hot tub, look no further than Caldera Spas.

Freeflow Spas

A hot tub is more than just warm water and jets. It is a great way to spend time together, unwind and relieve tension. Hot tubbing is a lifestyle choice. An escape from the aches and pains and the day-to-day grind. Choosing a hot tub is opting for a relaxing way to enjoy some alone time, or entertain family and friends. Choosing a hot tub is a decision you won’t regret.


Is your Spa cover faded and cracked, do you have to keep up on your weight training to open your cover? It might be time to replace that cover of yours. A new Spa cover will also improve the Energy efficiency of your Spa! With three different vendors we can assure that we will find a spa cover to fit your needs.


With twenty years experience our certified technicians have the knowledge and skills necessary to get your hot tub back up and running. Just a few of the services we offer include Spa Relocation, Pump repair and replacement, Heating replacement, Installations, Plumbing leaks, Jet replacement, Spa cleaning,


Water Care

For the water care: Treat yourself to a well treated Spa. Alexander Spas offers a complete line of water care products to keep your spa crystal clear.


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We are very proud to announce our new retail location is open and up for business right here in Roseville.
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We sell Caldera Spas, a premium line of hot tubs focused on bettering yourself in all aspects holistic. Great therapy for anyone involved in sports, or high endurance jobs, elderly or older folks especially! This can be either a luxury item for you, or a vital part of your health and well-being.

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